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Meeting the required standards

Webforge products are manufactured with the relevant Australian and New Zealand standards in mind.

Grating, stair treads, safety barrier and balustrade products all meet, at a minimum, the requirements as set out in the National Standards. 

The table, to the right, outlines the applicable standards for Webforge products.

For guidance on the suitability of Webforge products to your particular application and relevant standards, please talk to your sales consultant.


Webplate is a flooring product that comprises floorplate welded to the top of the grating.

Any steel or aluminium grating pattern can be combined with any floorplate thickness, however Webforge recommends the use of Pattern E grating (which is similar to F Pattern, but with 100mm cross rod centres).  Other combinations can be supplied on request.

Webplate is available in the following steel or aluminium combinations:

Slip Resistance

In accordance with AS4586 Webforge have carried out Oil Wet Ramp slip resistance tests on their grating products.

As grating can be oriented in two different directions, the test results note "Along" to indicate travel along the direction of the load bars, and 'Across' for travel perpendicular to the load bars.

The results of the Oil Wet Ramp test can be downloaded here.

Where * indicates Treatment.  Refer to the Stock pages under the Steel and Aluminium grating sections for a detailed description of part number protocols.
webplate aluminium
Image depicts Webplate in Aluminium.


Webmesh comprises grating with a flattened light gauge expanded mesh welded to the underside, to prevent tools and small objects from falling through the grating.

Ideal for applications where pedestrians or operators can walk underneath the walkway. Webmesh will prevent unnecessary accidents where loose items may fall.

Meets the requirements of AS1657 Clause 4.5 with mesh 1216F welded to the underside of the grating.

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