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Monowills Link Modular Railing

Monowills Link Modular Hand Rail
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Monowills Link

Modular railing system
Monowills™ quality and strength
Available as pre-assembled stanchions or complete systems for infinite flexibility


  • No welding required to assemble
  • Cost effective to transport
  • System compliant with AS1657:2013
  • Available ex stock
  • Available as preassembled stanchions or in complete systems

Compliant Handrail


The popularity of Modular Handrail is skyrocketing...and it’s easy to understand why. Its strong, cost effective, adjustable during installation and incredibly efficient to transport. With that said...


“pipe fittings alone don’t make compliant handrail”


How you use those components, in what configurations and in what applications is critical. If you have experience with common barrier Standards & Building Codes you’ll understand just how much detail there is to sift through to ensure compliance on your next project. Most importantly, none of the detail outlined in these specifications relate to loose modular components...but rather the implied loads & dimensional requirements of the complete and installed barrier.


“It’s the complete handrail system that needs to comply, not the loose modular components”

This is an important distinction, as the adjustable nature of modular fittings bring with it the temptation to create custom handrail designs...and in turn, the risk of undermining your specification in the process.

To combat this, the Webforge range boasts over 200 Monowills LINK stanchions…each of which have been tested and independently certified to meet not only the load requirements, but also the rail positioning and clear opening requirements of the most common barrier standards & codes. Additionally, Webforge are able to provide guidance on allowable stanchion spacing, the proper use of bends and fixing methods to ensure your finished & installed modular handrail is compliant modular handrail.


In addition to the compliant stanchion infrastructure Webforge offer a drafting & detailing service that can assess your design against specification and provide you with a certificate of compliance for the completed handrail. For more information on how to stay compliant, please contact your local Webforge Locker Sales team.

Complete Safety Rail and Stanchion Systems


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