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Monowills Handrail


MonowillsTM Tubular Handrail & Stanchion Systems

  • Economic
  • Strong
  • Simple

Specifically manufactured to suit local standards and conditions, the Monowills Handrail and Stanchion Systems are equally at home in industrial, commercial, municipal or general applications.

Due to its unique design, the Webforge Monowills System can be transported and erected quickly and economically in all applications.  

Webforge's strength is our ability to specify, manufacture and deliver ready-to-install projects, from start to finish. Provide your local Webforge office with the layout drawings for your project, and Webforge will do the rest.

  • Provide detailed layouts
  • Manufacture to your requirements
  • Manage quality control and documentation, and
  • Fabricate the system to suit
Webforge will design and produce the complete access system for your requirements, including grating, if required.

Webforge Monowills systems can be supplied complete with stanchions, rails, bends, gates, kick plates, grating and stair treads. Webforge carries the appropriate stock stanchions and gates at our local branches, but our competitive strength lies in our ability to manufacture and fabricate to specification.

Webforge Monowills Handrail Systems can be used in a multitude of applications including stairways, bridges, parking stations, schools, commercial premises, fire escapes, gangways, power stations, sewage treatment works and marinas. They also meet the requirements of government department codes.

The Monowills Handrail range includes the following product offerings.

  • Standard Handrail and Stanchions
  • Jumbo Handrail (larger diameter pipes)
  • Balustrade Systems
  • Gates, Kick Plate, etc.
  • Safety Rails for Disability Applications

 The traditional Monowills range has now been supplemented with a Modular range, Monowills Link. Offering the quality and reliability you expect from Webforge; Link also provides fast installation, easy transportation and no requirement for hot welding. See our Link page.

Auckland Football stadium 2
Safety Barrier
Perth Airport handrail

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