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Velocity Cycleway Safety Barrier

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Velocity Cycleway Barriers

High quality safety barriers,
specifically designed for bike lanes and cycleways.

  • Fully compliant with Austroads guidelines for a cycle barrier fence
  • Can meet the Australian Standards requirements for bridges
  • Strong, tamper proof and maintenance free
  • Proven in tough environments Australia-wide for 20+ years of service
  • Welded system is attractive and smooth, with no catch points
  • Large range of styles and finishes to suit any situation
  • Webforge quality and service
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  • Velocity two rail 3D
  • Velocity Cycleway Barrier
  • Velocity Cycleway Barrier
  • Velocity Cycleway Barrier
  • Velocity Cycleway Barrier
  • Velocity Cycleway Barrier
  • Velocity Cycleway Barrier
  • Velocity Cycleway Barrier



Velocity barriers are not your typical safety railings! Each run of barrier is custom fabricated and finished to suit the site and exact requirements of the client, ensuring an unmatched finished product in terms of style and durability. For high profile architectural applications the Velocity Aspect design can even take it to the next level. Aspect fences incorporate custom infill panels into the barrier which can be perforated or laser cut with images and designs.  


Velocity also incorporates features that make it safer for cyclists. In addition to the offset rub rail or ‘bump rail’ recommended by Austroads, Velocity also incorporates an entry and exit funnel design. This simple addition ensures the rider clearly sees the barrier on approach and it provides a ‘soft’ entry into the fenced section, alleviating the impact danger associated with designs that abruptly start and finish. Due to the fully welded construction, Velocity barriers have smooth, low profile joints between rails and stanchions, this is in stark contrast to many of the angular knuckles found on modular systems. Velocity is a more appealing, safer design.

Quality and Compliance

The whole Velocity range is fully compliant with the recommendations in Austroads: Bicycles 7.6.2. Additionally, the Jumbo system can meet the more stringent requirements set out in Australian Standards for bridges. As you'd expect from any Webforge Monowills product, the quality of materials and workmanship is second to none. Monowills handrails set the industry benchmark and have been proven in some of the world’s toughest environments for many many years of maintenance free service.

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