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Cycleways, bikeways and bike paths

Velocity Cycleway Barrier

Cycleways and Bike Paths

As part of the Monowills family of safety barriers and handrails, Webforge offer a comprehensive range of safety fences for cycle paths. Velocity cycleway barriers are suitable for both on-road and separated bike path applications. All cycle barriers are made to the same exacting quality standards that has made Webforge the market leader in industrial applications.

Monowills Velocity barriers can be customised to the requirements of each site and client with a range of designs, materials and finishes available. All designs are easy to install and offer improved safety and aesthetics.

All Webforge cycle barriers are compliant with relevant Austroads guidelines and some designs can even meet the more stringent requirements for bridges.

Velocity is also available in a modular alternative, Monowills Link. Ideal for Council paths or parks, Monowills Link can be adapted on site for uneven surfaces.

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Cycle Barrier Fence

A key objective of fences constructed in close proximity to bicycle lane or path facilities, cyclists (and their bicycles) should be able to brush against fences at speed and not be injured or ‘caught’ as a result.

Cycle Barrier with bike
Velocity Cyclway Barrier

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