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Expanded metal Stock panels



Stock Panels

Expanded mesh part numbers are created using a combination of material type, profile, top surface, treatment and pattern, as illustrated (left).

Webforge carries an extensive range of stock panels at its sales offices across Australia and New Zealand, available for fast delivery. Branches carry the appropriate stock for their market requirements, please contact your local branch to discuss available stock.

The standard range of panel sizes are;
1 3000 x 1200 LWM
3000 x 900 LWM
3 3000 x 750 LWM
4 3000 x 600 LWM
In addition to the stock offering Webforge offers a full fabrication service, with panels or entire projects custom manufactured and fabricated to suit.  Delivered ready for installation.
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Webforge Asia operates throughout the Asia Pacific region in locations such as  India, New ZealandSingapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, China, and Australia.