Rail Level Crossings & Stations

Webforge Locker understands that Rail Level Crossings & Stations require a combination of high architectural aesthetics and functional products. From public-facing facades, screens, and balustrades to highly functional track maintenance walkways and access, we are uniquely positioned to provide products across all levels. Our capabilities include -

Architectural Facades

Anti-Throw & Anti-Climb Screens

Public & Maintenance Barriers

Flooring & Walkways and more

To see how we can support your next project, Download our Level Crossings and Stations Capability Statement.

Regional Rail & Tunnels

When Regional Rail & Tunnel Infrastructure require Track Maintenance Platforms or De-Training Walkways, the inherent size and scale of these projects call for an experienced supply partner who have the system and logistical capabilities to deliver on-time. With Webforge Locker manufacturing and distribution facilities spread across Australia, New Zealand and Asia, rest assured you are in safe hands.

Webforge Locker have a series of Rail Specific products and systems limiting the need for bespoke design, engineering and expensive over manufacturing which include -  

Rail Maintenance Walkways

Tunnel Detraining Walkways

Gripspan ™ - a rail industry favourite

Monowills ™

Traditional Grating, Treads & Ladders and more.

To see our Regional Rail & Tunnels Capability Statement Download it here.

Public Shared Paths & Footbridges

A market leader in Barrier manufacturing, Webforge, Locker and Monowills™ are trusted brands and regularly specified on Shared Path & Footbridge Infrastructure. With a wide range of application specific Barrier systems to choose from, coupled with Anti-Throw & Anti-Climb screening solutions and the ability to manufacture at scale Webforge Locker have you covered.

AS5100 Pedestrian Barrier

Velocity Barrier


DDA Ramps

Anti-Throw & Anti-Climb Screens and more

Learn more about our systems here: Download our Shared Paths & Footbridges Capability Statement  

Extractive Screening

Mining Capability

Extractive Screening