Access Systems from Webforge

Learn everything you need to know about Webforge Components and Access Systems

Experience Matters

Webforge has extensive experience in manufacturing and supplying both fully customised access systems and individual components for implementation in a variety of safe access applications. 

Access systems incorporate safe walkways, ramps and stairways, including handrailing and gates to ensure the safety of everyone on site. A variety of materials and profiles available in the offering ensures Webforge can supply the right product for your application and environment.

The  Quick Guide to Flooring provides guidance as to the appropriate choice of grating material and profile, depending on your application and chosen spans. A full load table for each grating type is available under the product headings, and all load tables, along with this guide are available under the download section.

If you require assistance using this table, or would like to discuss your project in detail, please contact your local sales consultant.

Things to consider when selecting grating material and profile.

- Type of use; for example light or heavy, how much traffic are you expecting?
- How often will you be supporting the grating?
- What is the span of the structure?
- Slip resistance? Is there an incline of >10º?

If you already know which material and profile you require and are looking for stock panels, please visit the specific product pages, which provide information about stock sizes and part numbers;

Material Choice

The following information may prove useful in selecting material

Mild Steel

Recommended for high impact, high load applications, where economy and strength are paramount.
Material AS3679 Grade 250 or equivalent.
Recommended where light weight is important, and where quality of appearance is paramount.  Aluminium grating is also ideally suited to Marine applications or Water treatment plants, where corrosion is a potential issue.  Material 6063-T6.
Stainless Steel
Recommended where rust resistance, and or a hygienic environment is required.
ASTM A240 GR 316 or 304
FRP Grating
Recommended where the physical properties are important.  Chemical resistant. Low thermal conductivity. Non conductive. Non magnetic. Non sparking.
Available in Isopthalic or Vinyl Ester or Phenolic resins.

Safety Floors

Webforge offers a number of solutions for increased safety in access flooring:
- improved slip resistance, serrated grating, or
- small object fall protection, Webmesh, or
- fully sealed floors, Webplate