Oil & Gas

The tyranny of distance combined with highly flammable products in a hostile environment necessitates the focus on safety in every aspect, therefore SAFETY is the first priority for anyone working on an Oil & Gas Platform.

Typically, Webforge is involved in the early planning stage of a platform, as the engineer specifies the walkways and platforms, associated handrail barriers and stairways.

In addition, Webforge can assist during maintenance assessment programs to ensure walkway platforms are sound and no corrosion or weakness is evident.  Webforge have staff qualified and accredited in offshore operations to assist with your maintenance/upgrade programs.

Mining & Resources

As the mining industry focuses on extracting minerals and resources safely and efficiently across the region, Webforge has a focus on providing a range of solutions for safe access, walkways, conveyor guarding and drainage.

Webforge has worked with the largest Mining and Engineering businesses across the region over the last few decades, providing more than product manufacture and supply.  Webforge's experience in the marketplace allows it to provide the best advice on the type of access platform required, choice of base material, and finishes. 

Webforge offers a full project management solution, working with the engineering team from concept to completion, providing detailed layout drawings, project documentation and process flows and full QA documentation.

Engineering Construction

Delivering an infrastructure project on time and on budget is essential. An impatient client base, combined with inconvenience to the general public, ensures the pressure firmly remains on the construction firm.

Webforge understands the importance of good project management, delivering projects on time and keeping customers up to date with the progress of manufacture and supply; Hence many leading firms in this industry rely on Webforge, as they have confidence in the capacity and capability of the Webforge team.

Walkways and ramps to access maintenance tunnels and rooms, under-bridge walkways, stairways and civil drainage applications are all within Webforge's capabilities; Construction companies are reassured with the reliance on a local supplier with international support.

Commercial Construction

As many commercial construction companies face pressure on costs and delivery times, they can rely on Webforge to deliver an unparalleled service, including;

Complete Quality Control & Assurance
Project Management; up to date and regular project documentation
Turnkey solutions; fully fabricated, finished (galvanised and or painted) ready to install)

Webforge will take your site plan and prepare specifications and plans to produce your commercial access requirements.